Purchases with Crypto


I’ve invested in crypto a fair amount, but I had never actually “used it” for anything. The other day I purchased some crypto-centric T-shirts online and paid for them with Litecoin. It was GREAT! Really a lot of fun to do. Not having to put my credit card information into a website was strangely rewarding.
Of course, the irony of purchasing a Cardano T-Shirt with Litecoin didn’t escape me…
Anyways, that’s my random thought: if you are like me, and haven’t actually purchased anything with crypto before, go try it out!
Have fun


My girl received an electric teapot using an ADA conversion tool for an Amazon code that we bought through the efforts of @nschmidt7
I do like to use my own bank.
The thread is here Tool for converting ADA into Amazon gift cards (removing the BTC middleman)
Its a good tool if all your extra cash is going into ADA and you wanna spend some of it.