1 ADA = $1 Amazon (Altability launch week discount)

I’ve gotten a few comments like this since launching Altability a couple days ago: “Love the idea/concept, will definitely use when ADA bounces back a bit in price.”

Three things: 1 Thank you! 2 I also believe ADA will bounce back to the $1 USD range, and 3 I want to get more transactions under my belt, so I 'm gonna offer a launch week discount for ya’ll and take the risk myself that ADA does go back up to a dollar.

The deal: I’ve removed the $3 transaction fee, and I’m trading Cardano 1:1 with Amazon. Meaning, send exactly 100 ADA and get a $100 USD Amazon gift card. Deal goes away after the first 50 cards sold.



I commend you sir.

I saw your post on reddit as well. I’m impressed by how simply you are providing a financial service / store without much technical complexity.


Unfortunately you didn’t offer opposite deals;-)

@p-alik haha Do you have a big gift card balance on your Amazon account?

The good thing is, that Amazon gift cards never expire, and they sell everything from groceries to electronics, so you’ll definitely find an occasion to spend that money in some future purchases.

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oh wait. so if i send you 100 ada i get 100 giftcard? that actually sounds great.

@Trebaltek - That’s the deal!

Had to add some fine print to the offer this afternoon though, it’s now limited to one per customer. So it’s 100 Ada for first orders, then the normal exchange rate listed on site for subsequent orders.

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Sound like a steal deal. :slight_smile: Awesome. Our online clothing store opens in one week so we also will be taking crypto payments for clothing and music, etc. If you are in the search for some cool merch, check out trebaltek.ca in one week .

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