Any thoughts of how this all play out? Cardano the new Google?

I might be noob here, but i been researching so much. It feels like investing in ADA is investing in stock/commodity where Cardano is the company. Any thoughts on how all this will play out if Cardano succeed? Will Cardano be the main block chain platform that interconnects different crypto and/or fiat and that ADA will be very valueable because of this and/or their technology platform where others will build. Will other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum eventually give up the race to be the industry leader( assuming Cardano succeed) in block chain technology and instead focus on more specific industries/areas within the Cardano blockchain where Ethereum technology/knowledge might be more useful? Drawing parallels to how the tech industry evolved back in the 2000s and how companies such as Google, Yahoo and etc emerged and differentiated themselves by focusing on different things/areas/industries/technologies, the Crypto world looks very similar (also similar to the dot, com bubble). So for example is Cardano the new Google and Ethereum the new Yahoo for example. Any thoughts?