Appearing unexpected error at my phone

I am facing an unexpected error at my Android phone and can not able to open my wallet from phon.but can open from my laptop.


ok, then try to look for an update, perhaps u need to update the yoroi app
you can try to uninstall and reinstall the app if u have the wallet on your laptop. you will need the 15 seed words for restore

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I already done the process you have advised. But maybe whe i download from play store again new version I installed.
How I can install old version of yoroi what was supported my phone.

I think you can’t

maybe u will find the old pkg on google but be careful what u install, it can be a fake app

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Can you suggest me where I can get all versions of yoroi apk …

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Thanks friend…
Is that link from emurgo website?

Nope, I told u above;

Here I am posting what message appearing when I am trying to open my yoroi wallet.

requested operation failed. This is all we know: row is too big to fit into carsorwindow requiredpos=0, total rowsRows=1

I saw yoroi released a new version, try to update from play store

Thank you for sharing the link

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I’m receiving the same message more than a month and the support doesn’t reply my emails!!! VERY BAD SUPPORT. There is nothing I cant do.
I tried EVERYTHING. Update, Uninstall-Install,wipe Yoroi’s data, Restore my Wallet etc. Only the first time I restore the wallet works for sec but then again the message…
I’m really angry with them…

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I have done all the needful . As like you.i have installed several times and rest my wallet but same problem appeared.

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Did you find the solution?

Unfortunately Not…
Still waiting for an answer!
There is nothing I can do more!
Maybe they don’t even know yet!

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I am also trying to find out.
I think someone who is mobile software dev can fix this problem.

If you really want to get Yoroi working on mobile your best bet would be asking Emurgo for support through their official channels. It’s possible they are already working on it and they may be able to fix it faster if you open a ticket and give them the details about your error!

Also Yoroi was built as a desktop browser extension originally. If you are having issues with the mobile version then consider recovering in the desktop browser version. You may also be able to use your key seed words to recover in Daedalus, adalite, or another wallet more to your liking.

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@Riffat_wali Any resolution on this? I"m facing the same problem and I don’t have the seed phrase🤦

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I changed my phone lol. at my new phone same problems I have faced but few weeks ago i don’t know how it becomes ok … might be after new updates…