Yori wallet PLESE HELP!

hi i have ada in my yoroi mobile app…delegated since epoch 291 haven’t received any rewards…i try and send money and im getting a error. i tried to restore the wallet on web extension and im getting a empty wallet…i used the same phrases on the app and it wont do anything . same words same order! please help! been a this for hours with no luck!

What is the error you are getting on the mobile app?

i am getting a decryption error when trying to send

You would need to show us, exactly what is going wrong (i.e. a screenshot)

There’s a parallel discussion. Regarding the Decryption error I answered here:

Also there is an unanswered question related to wallet restore:

Please keep the discussion in one thread so we can follow easier.

Same words same order… what u are trying to do? To restore the wallets using the 15 seed words?

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Epoch 291 was like 5 minutes ago…

Dude… what’s with people.

This is a LongTermHold…

If you’re takin money out of crypto…

go back to the casino… this is investing.

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The best part about the constant barrage of noobs losing coins…

The ledger is intact ! :grinning:

There’s no hack that got these people…

The system is secure.

Human decisions lost coins… not Ouroboros.