Are DAPPS really decentralized?

If I release a DAPP on Cardano, don’t I as the creator technically control the DAPP?

For Bitcoin to be upgraded or changed, you need the support of the miners.
For Cardano to be upgraded or changed, there is some sort of vote via staked ada?

But if I release a Crypto Kitties DAPP on Cardano, don’t I as the creator of the DAPP control the upgrades/changes to the software?

For truly decentralized software, don’t we need a voting framework for software?
Couldn’t this framework once created, be replicated on mass for many programs?

So someone designs a software foundation called 51%.
Any software built on 51% cannot be changed or upgraded without a 51% vote from staked tokens.

A replica of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Tik Tok, etc is then created on 51% using the 51% voting mechanism framework.

The founder has most of the tokens in the beginning for the launch, and so has total control of the software. But gradually tokens are given away or sold, creating the eventual decentralized version of Facebook or Twitter that we all desire.

Now obviously this voting framework is very difficult to do. Which is why you’d have secondary software that only focuses on the voting infrastructure.