Are Goguen addresses going to change from the current address format?

Hello everyone,
I am basically asking the question for practical reasons (I should be prepared if I need to change my addresses and transfer funds in a few months). Thank you for anybody who could help.

The question obviously is for private and public keys as well (payment or staking)

@thomas_boisson I am not sure if they will, I think I read somewhere they might change the type of address but at the end of the day, your Deadalus wallet will be doing the conversion and as long as you have your recovery pass phrase you are safe.

I am not using Daedalus. I will be creating my keys offline for a cold wallet via the Cardano Node.

I don’t see why it wouldn’t cause an issue. No matter what, your current keys are still compatible even if they change the address schema. It still relies on the Genesis block one way or another. So at the end of the day, your cold keys would still be compatible because of the correlation to the Ourobous census algorithm. So no I would not worry.

I somewhat agree but maybe if all the network updates after some time there maybe a few nodes left with the old consensus and it’s less secure… Donno, I would be delighted to just create cold keys once and for all and not have to update them

Unless you are a pool or exchange operator managing wallets/wallet then why not just send your Ada to a Deadalus wallet and write down the recovery passwords and store them in a safe place? A paper wallet is another option -

I will be creating Shelley keys because this is the only way I can stake. But no problem, seems like we’re not sure, I’ll stick to my plan. But I hope they won’t change it.

@thomas_boisson “I will be creating Shelley keys because this is the only way I can stake.” You can use a Daedalus walletin the form of your wallet phasephrase. Not just the cardano-cli (its alot easier then cardano-cli). As for transferring your funds in a few months to a new address due to Guogen, I am not IOHK, but based on the Ouroborus Praos census algorithm, your keys are always valid. Yes you might need update your cardano cli once in a while but your keys are your keys and would always be able to validate you Stake on the blockchain.

Ok thks for the info