Yet another wallet recovery thread

So, basically I bought around 400 ADA back in February 2018 when I started investing a little bit for long term in different blockchains. Today i wanted to check on the wallets of the different coins that I had and to my surprise I have all the private keys from all the different coins except the ADA private key.

Now, it probably was an oversight by my side when I backed up everything and I just forgot it, but I had the idea that maybe i did not backup it because i did a paper wallet (as I used to do) combining some of my passwords as a private key. AFAIK, that would have been before daedalus even had the possibility of making a 12-word passphrase, so here’s my question. I know the public address the funds are in.

Is there any way to convert an alphanumerical private key (like a 10-12 character password) to a cardano public address, so i can check if the private keys made from my passwords correspond to the funds?