Please, explain about private keys

Hello fellas! Please, could you explain to me, does ADA blockchain has the possibility to create “native” wallets with private keys. Which could than be imported to any ADA wallet?

Because, at the moment, all wallets I could find only could create a backup phrase which works with only their particular wallet. I mean, in general, if you have a private key of your wallet you can import it to any blockchain wallet and use your funds. For ADA it seems to be not possible.

So the question, will it ever be possible for ADA blockchain? So weird it’s not availabe…


Daedalus and Yoroi wallets use different key derivation schemes and have a separate format for addresses. 12 vs 15 words (it was announced Daedalus will change to 15 words in future)

Cardano does use the BIP39 word list, but a different implementation (read more about at Questions/thoughts about the mnemonic as it relates to BIP39)

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Indeed, it would be nice to use ADA on a tool like iancoleman’s bip39 generation page. Either to find the private keys associated with wallets/addresses, through their seed phrases, or, to create an offline paper wallets address/key pairs.

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Thank you! So, does it mean, when Daedalus will change to 15 words - the phrase from Daedalus will be also accepted for the backup on Yoroi and Infinito?