Ada in Infinito

Hello, I have ada in my Infinito wallet. I can not send it to another wallet. I tried using the 12 word passphrase with Daedalus but the balance shows 0. Yoroi only gives you the option of 15 word recovery so I couldn’t try that. Any idea how I can get my ada out of this wallet? Infinito support is not replying to me.

You definitly have to find a solution with Infinito Wallet. Thats why we recommand to use offical wallets.


Q5. Are Daedalus and Infinito compatible? What’s the next plan?

Infinito Wallet is an HD wallet, so it would generate a 12-word passphrase like Daedalus. However, in terms of interoperability with Daedalus, we are using official source from Rust Cardano – scheme v2 (latest) while Daedalus is using scheme v1. Thus,:
– If Daedalus moves to scheme v2. Then two wallets would be totally compatible.
– If not, we can add support for scheme v1 as well for Daedalus users.

Also check this, some one was able to transfer ADA


So there’s nothing I can do for now? I thought if you had the private key you basically own the ada. I guess you don’t if you can’t move it. I have the 12 word passphrase, but it doesn’t do me any good at this point.

Read above please

I’m guessing the person who was able to transfer their ADA was not from Byron days. It won’t work for me. I can’t get past the point where it will let me select send.

Ok, then as @Zyroxa said, u need to contact infinito support team


Like I said i did contact them. You know, I went with infinito in 2019 because it was easy to use and one of the only mobile wallets that had ada. I don’t remember the cardano community saying " hey everybody, if you dont have your ada in one of our official wallets before shelly is released you will lose it!" Talk about not making it very user friendly. Sorry. That’s just how I feel.

U can try on but no guarantees

And if u had ada before shelley, shouldn’t infinito move automatically your ada from byron to shelley?

I am just saying…

Yes I would have figured infinito would have handled the transition but they didn’t. Adalite didn’t work for me. Showed 0 ada.

But in ur infinito wallet, do you see ur ada,?

Yes. It’s all there.

Try to uninstal/install again. Try to update the app, etc

They’ve changed the app requirements, as in now they require your email address to be able to login. It seems to me (and others, reading their reviews) that they’ve pretty much abandoned their app and have zero customer support. Also, I’m guessing if I do reinstall the app since their new system has probably adopted shelly, that my balance will show 0. The ada I have with Byron will just disappear I imagine. Not that it’s doing me any good now. I don’t know.

Nope, but u can try to make a new installation on another device…

So having the passphrase and the private key for ADA means absolutely nothing then. They should have nothing to do with Infinito.

Probably yes for infinito wallet;

Well my btc and Eth was recovered with the passphrase from Infinito when I entered it in the restore through exodus.

So since Btc and Eth were able to be accessed through another wallet with the 12 word passphrase and not the Ada in the Byron era then I blame the cardano team. They promoted Cardano, but left out the part that said " Once we have shelly up and running all you left in Byron are screwed". They didn’t say, we’ll make it an easy transition, we’ll have compatibility with other wallets. Anyway, I’m sure I’m not the only one in this boat from what I’ve read. Sorry for everyone else this happened to also.

I don’t understand ur remark, u have a problem with Infinito wallet and blame Cardano Team?! Why is Cardano Team fault that your ADA are not in Infinito wallet… blame Infinito because they don’t reply to ur emails…

it seems Infinito migrated to shelley ; this not meaning that ur ADA are on shelley wallet?
U should forget the byron part! Youre ADA are in shelley but u can take out from Infinito… so, who should be blame for this?