How to restore my ADA Byron wallet by Private key


I keep my ADA Bryon in Infinito wallet but it services have already finished on July 2022.

Though I tried to restore my wallet by 12 secret phrase but it corresponds to ADA Shelly not Byron since Infinito wallet is multi currency wallet…

What I have is only private keys for my ADA Bryon.

I have more than 200,000ADA and I cannot lose this asset for my future.

Please tell me how to restore my ADA Byron wallet by private keys…


Since you still have your Byron era wallet and secret phrase i suggest you get yoroi either on the mobile phone or as browser extension in for example chrome.

Then hit restore, select Byron wallet and restore it, once you have checked that everything is in order i suggest you create a new Shelley era wallet again using Yoroi and once that is done (secret passphrase written down and hidden from anyone but you) then you transfer the funds from one wallet to the other (i’d start with a very small amount just to check everything works before sending such a big amount of ada to a newly created wallet).

Once the transfer is done, ditch the old wallet.

Good luck!

You could try to restore with the 12 word seed phrase on They do have limited support for Byron wallets.

Or, as @retirementplan suggested, use Yoroi, create a new Shelley wallet there and then go to “Claim/Transfer” (third icon from top on the left-hand side), select “Byron-era wallet”, “Legacy Daedalus Wallet”, “12-word Daedalus wallet”, and try that.

But if Infinito did something different than the standard back then, both might not work. And since they seem to have gone completely out of business, it might be difficult to find out what they did.

Last possibility that I would see, is using cardano-cli on the command line. It can convert private keys to its own format and then create, sign, and submit transactions, but it’s pretty involved.

Yoroi does not allow to restore Byron wallets anymore, just to claim/transfer them to a Shelley wallet.

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Are you certain about that?
Maybe i have an outdated Yoroi mobile?
I have Yoroi 4.9.2 on android and it has at the bottom:

Add wallet (BYRON-ERA-DEPRECATED), if i hit that i get the option to either restore wallet or connect to ledger nano.

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Ah, I was talking about Yoroi, the browser extension. They are horribly different and have been for ages. Byron support is one of the only reasons to even use them.

No, 4.9.2 seems to be the latest version. All good.

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Thanx, do have noticed that they seem to differ quite a bit yes.

Given the possible trouble due to that discontinued wallet app, your suggestion to use first seems wise for @MJ1031 , a quick check to see that the Byron era wallet is accessible using pass phrase.

Thank you so much for your information.
I also tried to restore my wallet by YOROI but BYRON-ERA-DEPRICATED need 15 words while Infinity wallet seed phrase provides only 12 words.

Also, I cannot restore my wallet by ADA lite….

I am curious about cardano-cli.

You could really try the option in the Yoroi Chrome extension. It does offer to claim/transfer from a 12 word Daedalus seed phrase. Don’t know if the mobile version has that option hidden somewhere, but I do know it’s available in the browser extension.

As said, no guarantee that Infinito used the same method as Daedalus, but worth a try.

First, never give your seed phrase or the private key that you have to anyone!

But because of that, we would have to guide you through it on your machine, which is … well … maybe not so easy.

The cardano-cli binary can be downloaded from for Linux, Mac, and Windows (“Downloads” is the last point under “Technical Specification”).

What I first would try:

Put the private key in a text file (raw text file, just one line) payment.infinito.


cardano-cli key convert-byron-key --byron-payment-key-type --byron-signing-key-file payment.infinito --out-file payment.skey

or maybe:

cardano-cli key convert-byron-key --legacy-byron-payment-key-type --byron-signing-key-file payment.infinito --out-file payment.skey

If that works without error, we are already a huge step further and cardano-cli could read the format of payment key that Infinito has given you and convert it to its own format in payment.skey.


cardano-cli byron key signing-key-address --mainnet --secret payment.skey

you should get the address for that private key. If that works, check the address on if it contains your funds.

If that has worked until here, it is a huge step further. But we would still need that you make yourself a new wallet, we build a transaction to transfer from that Byron address to the new wallet, and submit that transaction. And for that cardano-cli would need a running and synchronised cardano-node which takes a lot of disk space and a lot of time to synchronise.

So, better first check if we even get the correct keys and addresses to see if it is worth the effort.

Did you manage to do it? I did some experiments a couple of months ago and I managed to do some transactions with Byron addresses restored from 12 words recovery seeds. I can help you restore your address and keys, if you still need help.

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Thank you so much for your kindness.
I will try tomorrow.

Thank you for your information.
How did you restore your wallet by 12 key words??

In my case, because I managed my ADA by multi-wallet, Shelly’s ADA is generated with 12 keywords, but Byron’s ADA is not generated.

I created a gist with the script I used to recover a Byron wallet from the 12 words recovery phrase, you will find it here:

You need cardano-cli and cardano-address for this script.
You will need to replace my 12 words recovery phrase with your actual 12 words.
The address will be written in the byron-addr.addr file, and the signing key for the address will be written in the byron-addr.skey file. Keep all the files safe.

Run the script with your words and then search for the generated address on Hopefully you will find your ADA at that address (or at least some transactions). If you did some transactions with this wallet, most likely the wallet generated new addresses for the change, so every new transaction would send the remaining ADA to a new address. But you should be able to change the derivation path in the script and run it again, until you find the address with your ADA.


If you find the address and you need help with the cli transaction, let me know.

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Do you remember the address of your wallet? First three characters will already give an idea of what kind of Byron address it is that was used by Infinito.

Thank you so much.
I will try

My address start with Ae2…

Okay, then you probably only need part of what @georgem1976 posted, since that was for deriving Ddz addresses (which encode the derivation path in the address). Ae2 is the simpler variant.

You can try derivation from the seed phrase with cardano-address or direct conversion from the private key that you have as given in my post above.

Anyway, first task would be to get cardano-cli (and perhaps cardano-address) running on your machine. Then, we can see further.

Thank you for your support.
I could have restore my ADA.

2 Likes did you recovered you ada?i have same problem in infinitio