New Infinito mobile wallet for Ada release - updated video showing installation

Hi everyone,
Great news. An independent team Infinito has created a mobile wallet for storing Ada (aka your keys to the blockchain). The wallet is available on the App Store and the Google Play store now, and the next Infinito update 1.15.0 will be Cardano Ada capable. The links below will take your phone to the download - click it with your phone.

Infinito Wallet is available in both Apple and Google app stores, here is the link:


Thank you, @rickymac for these great news!

I like the photo Jackie Pham from “Infinito” sent to the telegram :blush:



sevveral days ago I asked about this wallet on TG and I suppose nobody had any good reading info for me about it, man I was wondering how someone was going to beat yoroi to to market and was quite frustrated with no response,.
But this is front page news and is awesome @rickymac!! Thanks for the video!


ADA just showed up in my Infinito wallet!!


just did a test transaction from Daedalus and back and this is amazingly fast and smooth experience!


I still don´t get how Infinito from a 3rd Party could be released earlier then Yoroi by Emurgo?


By the way I hope Emurgo is looking at Infinito wallet, as we definitely need better design, styling and ergonomics … it´s ok for a Tech guy who is already passionate about Cardano. But it´s not a great UX implementation.


Yoroi is coming with the 1.3.1 public testnet, “sometime this month”. (source)

we definitely need better design, styling and ergonomics

How do you know Yoroi isn’t stylish? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I have no idea about Yoroi, read what I wrote :slight_smile: I was complaining about Infinito which is pretty poor.

I expect Yoroi to bring IOHK website design standards if not better …

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Oh, I’m sorry! I read that as:
I hope Emurgo is looking at Infinito wallet [to see how it’s done right]

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I would be surprised if a bunch of engineers, scientists and mathmaticians make a more intuitive wallet :smiley: Just look at deadelus… it has “dead” in its name and a bull//devil/skull for an icon which is soo appealing to the general public :rofl:

Great news about Infinito I think it looks decent.



If you are a purist like me, you can display only Ada on your portfolio page, too bad you cannot turn off that “join airdrop now” so 2017 :wink:

It looks quite usable:
And the fees are not bad.


Updated video link posted at the top.


Hello, just to inform you that I have installed the wallet on my phone, then proceeded to two withdraws from
1/ From my Daedalus wallet
2/ From my account on a reputable exchange
Then after 5 hours waiting to see my ADA arriving on my infinity wallet… nothing…

Finally, I have been obliged to uninstall the application and reinstall it on my mobile, anxiously hoping to see my money on my infinito wallet after that…
and miraculously the ADA were indicated on the wallet… OUFF!

I think the wallet needs some improvements, it is still not perfect, as for example no possibility to log out with a simple clic.

But it’s a good stuff anyhow !

Indeed, it escape any compehention