ADA Wallet on Android/Ios Devices?

Hi - Are there any plans from IOHK of releasing Cardano ADA Wallet on Android/IOS Devices? If yes, what is the timeline we are looking at.

The devs have both explicitly said yes there will be one , but it is at a lower priority than functionality in the dao in the regular wallet … also, since staking requires significant computational resources, the software wallets are “thick” - that is , full dapp and dao participation through mobile is likely a long ways off … But there have also been remarks about a thin, address only wallet coming soon … someone here will code it within 6 months I’d speculate … I had the same thoughts . My hope is for a feature rich Linux wallet w dapp Integration but , hey , they are all working as fast as they can! So grateful to have found this project

Here is a Comparison of Ada wallets and exchanges including Android and iOS.