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Please when will cardona wallet will be available on Android? Because people fine it difficult to have access to cardona due to its difficulty in accessing the Android wallet especially we those in Ghana because most of the youth have access to Android phone so they prefer Android wallet than window.


There is no real set date for a mobile wallet, but it is in the plans as you can see here https://www.cardano.org/en/the-daedalus-wallet/


Thanks for the info but hoping that it will work out soon.


I’d be surprised if they were not prioritizing mobile lite wallets now. Running a full node without a robust internet connection can be an issue. So iohk need to get this done to grow the user base. Africa is a target market so hopefully the moderators are listening and will pass this on. :wink:


Thank you for your input. I personally I face those wallet challengers and it mostly become difficult when it comes to the adoption of the coin. And I think it’s a good initiative to incorporate it into their plan so as to ensure that the coin is fully decentralized.


There is more info on Daedalus FAQ-page:

Will we support iOS and Android?
Daedalus is what is known as a “full” or “thick” client. Daedalus is running the Cardano protocol and participating directly in the network. Full clients are usually unable to run on a mobile operating system. Later, Cardano will also have “light” or “thin” clients. Light clients only hold transaction information and private keys, and interact indirectly with the protocol, usually through a service or public network node. Light clients have their own unique security concerns and are a little further along on the Cardano roadmap.”


Good but the problem is, we Africa are more conversant with Android phone then the window and as a community which always seek for mass adoption by the public, there is the need to consider the common electronic devices which the youth posses and then incoperate it into the plan. To my country Ghana, 90 percent of the youth have access to Android phone so if the Android wallet is created it will help in mass adoption of Cardona.


Also the deadolus wallet, I have seen most people complaining about the wallet not loading for an hours, so if that is the case they have to solve it.


All of your concerns are under development, everything takes time to build and time to build it so it is secure and of the best quality possible, I believe that Africa will have many resources to utilize that fits the needs of the society that will benefit from Cardano, but it just cannot happen all in one day.
@cdufour is right in his statement that Africa is a target market, I believe I saw a call for participation in an outreach program to your continent, but I can’t seem to find it now.
I hope that a lite mobile wallet becomes available for Android soon too.

If you are spreading the word of Cardano in Ghana, I hope to see more user’s from there on the forum here :slightly_smiling_face:
And hopefully they can join in spreading the good quality’s that Cardano will be offering user’s in the future.


here you go: https://iohk.io/blog/how-cardano-can-help-development-in-africa


Thanks you for the info


While many coins have an android wallet, Cardano is going to put out a wallet when it is safe. I remind you of Blackbeard and the stolen funds. Just because a wallet is out for a coin does not mean there anent major unanswered security issues you are made aware of.