Daedalus wallet app

Hi everyone,

I’m new to the forum and look forward to the great future of cardano and everyone involved.

My question is (out of curiosity), will it be possible to create a daedalus wallet app for the phone (android)? As i really like the catalyst voting app which connects to my daedalus wallet which is only available for pc/laptop.

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Nope, daedalus is a full node and can’t run on mobiles… at least for the moment

Thanks for the answer, what’s your estimated gues when it could happen :thinking: ? What would it take for a phone to run a full node ?

The main problem is the inability to support Haskell on any mobile platform currently. The secondary problems is the resource usage is also extremely intense. Not nearly as intense as a PoW miner but about an order of magnitude more than a video game with 3D graphics …

So even if you could hack together a build for a rooted phone running in debug mode it would still bring all but the most expensive modern phones to their knees and likely crash the operating system. Use Yoroi, Adalite, or another “light-weight” wallet if you insist on using mobile.

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IOG is researching a way to make a light wallet without relying on third-party servers. I think when finish researching, they’ll make Daedalus a light wallet. I have no clue on when though.