Daedalus on Mobile?


The topic title is self explanatory, but I’m mainly interested in iOS platform since I have an iPhone.
If it’s not available on any mobile devices, any idea when it will be out?
All help is appreciated! :sunny:


A mobile room in Dev slack was opened yesterday, but it won’t be daedalus. No date for this.

It is good to get 3rd party people involved to the development of the wallet on smartphones. Would Cardano Foundation or IOHK audit the code and overall app to make sure it meets standards? Or would it be something totally independent?

IOHK uses outside auditors for its stuff. 3rd parties will use our library once finished and audited, but I don’t think anyone is responsible for the audit of 3rd party apps. It would be a huge task. IOHK answers questions to exchanges but we have never actually seen the code and in some cases, they have declined to even hint at how their setup works, which makes sense from a security perspective.