Android Version/app of ADA Wallet

Will the Cardano team eventually develop an Android version of the ADA wallet? I do almost all of my banking and online orders on my phone because my computer seems to be a lot more prone to glitches, crashes, malicious software and hackers and I trust the Android system because of it’s simplicity and ease of use. Like, if I wanted to go to the store and purchase something with ADA, I don’t want to have to bring a laptop with me just so I can keep track of my money…

It’s planned, but I don’t see it being released anytime soon.

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Ok, that’s awesome! Today will be my first day using the wallet and I’m kind of nervous. The video tutorial says that it’s a test version of the wallet and it’s not fully developed? What’s that all about or is it just an old video? How long does it take to transfer the funds? I heard it’s sometimes 8+ hours which will have me sweating for 8+ hours lol

(like if I put real ada in there, will I lose it because the wallet is still in development phase?)

Don’t worry, you will be fine. If you want, just send few ADAs first to make sure you get everything right, at least that’s what I did. And for time of transfer, I sent some coins from Binance to Daedalus yesterday and it took about 10 minutes I think. Wallet to wallet should be processed in few seconds.

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That’s an old video, it threw me off too. I am using Daedalus on both MacOS and Windows10 without issue. I don’t have very fast internet but it only took a couple of hours to initially sync. As Adano suggested above just send a few Ada to the wallet at first until you are comfortable with it. I would also recommend testing the password, (if you created one)<-----highly recommended, before adding any funds to the wallet by creating a new receiving address. This will require the password and you can verify you copied it down correctly.

Absolutely not, for more than one reason…

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