Why didn't ada give light wallet support yet?

MANY wallets are supporting MANY kinds coins by now.
Yet you can’t find a single 3rd party wallet for ada. not to mention a mobile one on cell phones.

Isn’t that ridiculous???
Is ada still on list of top promising cryptos???

PLEASE! Add 3rd wallet support ASAP.
We like ada. But please give us confidence to.

Have you seen the Cardano roadmap lately?


what i can see is a 20% completion. just 20%??!!

when i use a wallet, any wallet indeed, i see a choice of MANY coins. but no ada.

i’m wondering if the world’s forgetting ada?

Cardano platform is in early development. There’s an official roadmap that explicitly states what is planned and what is the timeline. If you don’t like the roadmap - you are free to switch your attention to any other project and come back here when the project is matured. If you feel like you can contribute to the development process - feel free to contact IOHK thru the official form: Contact - IOHK

The project evaluation on CoinMarketCap is created by the free market. People decided that this project cost this much, because they see a potential here. IOHK is not responsible for this number and has nothing to do with it.

If you want to address project developers about different software features - it wold be better done on the official GutHub - Input Output · GitHub. Feel free to open a new issue, or vote for an existing one.

The last thing a rational person would want to do is to come on the community forum and demand exclusive development of some things by screaming and caps-locking. I think you don’t fully understand the point of a forum. We are learning stuff here, and not demanding stuff. Thank you for your attention to this project, but feel free to not obsess over it.


Ledger wallet support is at 50% with my own persona estimate it will be ready maybe late August 2018.

The cool thing once Ledger is online, they are releasing a desktop app and a mobile app in July or August also. Additionally, there is a developer named Serokell building a wallet called Ariadne to store Cardano, but it is Alpha release good only for developers at this point.

So there is the latest I know on 3rd party wallets.

Off course I’m free to switch…blablabla…

Off course you can show your arrogance to any user as you wish.

That’s arrogance anyway.

I don’t contribute to development, that does not mean l cannot give right advicing, nor should I be excluded from speaking.

Remember any crypto project should NOT mean to be developer’s baby, and it will not.

The only criteria to judge an opinion is good or not is what it’s talking about. And I’m saying you are way too slow in the developing of 3rd party wallet support and it’s wrong.

Watch and keep up with the world. You take this not a realistic advice but an offsensive one? So tell me which is more important, your pride or the success of ADA?

In any forum reputation plays a big part. @vantuz-subhuman is one of the most highly respected members here, both for his knowledge of the project and his generous support for those who are less knowledgeable. You, on the other hand, joined a week ago, have spent a total of 19 minutes reading, and think you have a right to be taken notice of. Sorry, you don’t. Nobody cares. You should find a less wasteful way to spend your time.


What like other blockchain 3.0 coins who are using Ethereum tokens or having problems switching to the main net ? Cardano isn’t even a year old. At least it started on it’s own blockchain and with it’s own wallet. You can’t expect everything this early. Why do you need a mobile wallet now ? It’s not like you are going to spend Ada at your local coffee shop at this point in time. You sound like a self absorbed me-lennial.