iOS Wallet help [solved, no official iOS wallet yet]

I want to get a daedalus wallet, but in the near future im getting a new ipad and giving my old ipad to my daughter, will i be able to login to my wallet on the new iPad or any other computer for that matter.

There are no official Daedalus wallets for iOS right now. If you see any Cardano-related apps in the App-Store - it is scam. Report them please to the app-store and to this forum.

Release of an official mobile wallet (android, ios) will be announced.


But yes, once there’s an official mobile wallet - you will be able to “log in” and use your wallet from any device or computer, for as long, as you have your 12 secret words available and safe.

Oh I see, so I can’t download it to my iPad.

Yes. But somewhere in the future there will be an official Daedalus mobile iOS wallet. Please watch out for any mobile-related news on this forum.

Thank you for you help