Daedalus on IPad or Chrome book

Hello All, I’m quite new in the crypto world and even newer to Cardano, but I like what I have seen so I went all in and on Bittrex at just over .$0.11 and I still believe I will be celebrating in a couple years. However I am curious if the Daedalus Wallet can be used with either IPad or Chrome Book? Or am I stuck with keeping it in my Bittrex wallet?

Version 1.0.3402
64 bit

Version 1.0.3253
64 bit

Linux coming soon. Hope this helps.


We will have an offline paper wallet generator coming out soonish. But we do not have light clients yet.

I went with the desktop and it took a couple hours to download, but it worked and I had no issues sending from Bittrex, took less than 2 minutes.

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