Art Contest - *Winners Announced* -

i strongly feel like those of us who are skilled practicing creatives ought to leverage our abilities to improve and increase the community. we can really have an exponential effect here…

you laugh but a huge part of being creative is actually doing random shit cause that’s how ideas are found and resolved… in the stew of the subconscious…

:clap: that’s one hell of a turn around, colour me impressed!

you know i didn’t even notice it lacked music, which is a compliment as not only did it help me take in the information without cognitive overload but also conventionally most music choices are usually just super off-putting… as you’ve pointed out, they’re very rarely custom and so come from some library with choices which… :persevere: on a positive note been working on a suggestion for a brand sonic signature, to play over the name & sign animation, and it’s been quite an interesting exploration that’s illustrated just how tricky it is to arrive at something that works. looking forward to sharing it soon

i’m glad you like it, best part is that it’s not limited to the app! I’m about to post something that i think could make it a thing :face_with_monocle:

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so…is it over? :frowning: i just found this topic…


Looking forward to seeing this as well.

Yeah, but some introspection tells me that i may be doing random stuff a bit too much, hence the laughing. You are 100% correct tho, it does spark unresolved creative concepts to find a way to reach the eyes of others.

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unfortunately yes, for this one - but don’t worry mate, this is just the beginning! there will be others to come… just keep frequent interaction engaging within the community and you’ll not miss them! :raised_hands:

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Hopefully more to come, I think I might put up some TMT for the next one :wink:
Yet, obviously alone I cannot fund such contest’s forever, but I will plan for one more, maybe the next one will be themed "Beyond Cardano, "

Inspired by you @anon20038177 i’ve got plans on following suit, as i hope, and think, others will as well.

only thing is in this climate once you open the “giveaway” gates you’re then much more susceptible to impersonating scam accounts exploiting noobs asking them to send crypto, to get more in return and so on… still trying to figure out how to mitigate this…

Cardano Ecosystem

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you know a thought about your idea just came to mind… what if one co-opts by using a laser etched qr code (in a way changing/challenging the value of the fiat note turning it into a paper wallet) that had some amount of crypto on it that formed a pay it forward type cycle… :thinking: redepositing more crypto, even if it’s dust amounts, sometime after detecting the previous amount has been withdrawn…

the legality of this will obviously vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction

Maybe a group of us could create and manage a space/website with multi-category competitions in digital art, film, music, poetry, writing, etc. Competitions could happen periodically. Entrance fees could be paid with Ada, and this would be stored for prizes and to maintain the space.


Sounds complicated and like it might be messing with the legalities of the issue.

There’s a group working on a website that will include ADA/Cardano art (with a focus on street art).

so you’re only interested if it’s easy? in my experience nothing of value historically comes from doing only what is easy

haven’t you been the one complaining the fact that writing on that dollar is illegal?

this is like saying, i’m willing to break into the bank safe to steal a single note, then are put off when you find stack and stacks…

could you post a link please?

No, I don’t understand the original proposal. Therefore it sounded complicated to me.

No, I’ve been the one stating that stamping the ADA logo on the dollar bill is not illegal when people complain that it’s illegal to stamp the ADA logo on the dollar bill.

We will when it’s done.

fair enough.

ah, my apologies i thought you were stating the opposite. i stand corrected!

neat! i thought it was something that you weren’t associated with and was live… looking forward to it!

I vote for Bullish’s entry

And the winners are:

1st place:

2nd place:


These 2 entries have had a place in my heart since the day they were posted.

@BrazilianJungleBoy has shown in their piece that Cardano is an idea that people across the globe can relate to as the fundamentals of Cardano is ingrained in all of our cultures.

@Piotr has captured in their piece the idea that Cardano has the ability to evoke liberty in the minds of future generations.

Congratulations to the both of you! And thank you for your thoughtful contribution’s!

Please post an ADA address to this thread to receive the prize you have won @BrazilianJungleBoy @Piotr

Many thanks to all who submitted their work to the contest, I hope that our community will further embrace activities that are not on the same path of developing the platform but yet align with and strengthen the mission.


Congratulations to winners and organizer

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Thanks to all that organized it and to those who participated. It’s great to see these sort of initiatives deliver quality imagery for the community to use and spread around! :tada:


thank you all, guys!


Big thanks to @anon20038177 for organizing this event and everyone who put their time and effort to participate.