As Charles says, "Remember remember the fifth of November"

I hope the Cardano team is doing something great for Charles!
He deserves major recognition for all his dedication to Cardano and our community!
32 this year I believe.


We should all buy some ADA that day!

Happy early birthday to our fearless leader, Charles!

Whats big about Nov 5th??

It’s Charles’ birthday.

Okee letts buy 2 giraffes for his birthday😀

I gonna buy new pair of New Balance sneakers and drink pint of beer for Charles birthday :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you Fred. Wonder if that will be the snapshot date or if something else may be planned. This will be interesting to see unfold.

I doubt it will be the snapshot date. I would guess that would be closer to the end of the month.

Definitely exciting times though.

At one time some months ago I found a site that seemed to break down the numbers of ADA owned by accounts. Example: 31000 people had positions of 125,000, Or 25,000 accounts owned 1,250,000 ADA. These are fictional numbers I’m using as examples.

Do you know of any place to find this kind of information??



If you’re talking about adatracker, that site is decomissioned. You can still query adascan for similar result.

Also, sorry for this - but in future, could you raise a query that deviates from the topic of a thread as a seperate post? Thanks for your understanding :slight_smile: