SHELLEY has Launched! video from Charles

Congratulations everyone!


A huge Congratulations and thank you. Very appreciative of all the effort and dedication.

Thank you,
David Ealy

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Congratulations! So excited about this - even though I don’t fully understand how it will benefit me!?? (I’m a newbie to this!) But I know it’s a massive moment for all.

Well done Cardano Team

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hello everbody broadcasting live from sunny warm☀️colorado!!!.
you guys cant not imagine how happy i am today and emotions are filling me up,the smile on our leader makes me almost cry😭soooooo proud at charles,team iohk,emergo what a work it has been for them 3/4 years.
love you charles you are a real hero​:muscle::heart::heart::heart:
going to buy a giraffe for you​:giraffe::giraffe::giraffe::giraffe::giraffe::giraffe:

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