Wow! Helloooo Everybody!

Great to finally be connected with the community i truly love and hodl very much :blush:

This is my first ever post on this forum and i will keep is short and sweet…

just wanted to say Sir.Charles Hoskinson is my hero. I love him very much and have nothing but the utmost praise for him. He truly is a genius, and is now one of my role models! He will take Ada to the top of the charts, this much i know and i am humbled to be part of his and your community!

Thank you everyone for you acceptance into this great vibrant, growing and great community.


Sorry i got so caught up,…i forgot to introduce myself…where are my manners??

Hi Everyone, my name is Ashley, you can also call me CryptoFox :fox_face!

Great time to buy i guess?!

Welcome :fox_face:_face, great to have you :smiley:!

thanks! Great to be here

Hello to you, too.


what country are you from? hard to tell with your name lol, im from toronto, canada :slight_smile:

Welcome @CryptoFox Ashley! :slight_smile:

Hi CryptoFox,
I’m from Vietnam

Hi @CryptoFox and welcome to the forum, I’m from the U.K.

Hey, France here !

Hey Congrats to you and France!! Well played World Cup! I was going for Portugal…but hey now we are on the same team :wink:

Hi Doskad!

Thank you for the Welcome!

Looking forward in building this community with you together to be the greatest!


Thank you cf_jonmoss!

I truly feel welcomed! Will be looking forward in building this community with you, a delight indeed.

i will do everything i can to keep the community positve and upbeat! I am filled with conviction in/for Cardano and will try my best to spread it throught out the community.

Best Regards!

Warm welcome Ashley, I feel the same way about Sir.Charles Hoskinson… The Cardano community is great and keeps getting better