ATALA PRISM solves one of the biggest problems all refugees face: Authenticated Identity and Educational & Professional Credentials

Not having authenticated identification documents is the single worst nightmare of all refugees. Without it, they at the mercy of exploitation by corrupt middlemen who can extract exorbitant cash for both true and/or fake identities as well as from governments who can place them in indefinite detention while they seek clarifications on the identities.

Those who have ever lived during a civil war, or under a military dictatorship will greatly appreciate the importance of the implementation of Atala Prism. Basically, once students, teachers or any other person’s authenticated identities and credentials are entered into the Cardano blockchain, it automatically secures their global identity and levels of academic and professional achievements. This is the dream of any refugee who has found themselves without any recognised documentation because they were lost during their hasty flight to a foreign country.

With the Atala Prism registry these refugees would be able to recover all their official identification and credential details from the Cardano blockchain to foreign aid agencies and governments enabling them to secure necessary assistance and grant of settlement in safe haven countries. Their former government cannot influence or sabotage their identities or records in any attempt to prevent them being given assistance where they are refugees. This is a priceless and incomparable benefit to the millions of vulnerable victims of civil unrest globally.

Ironically, Atala Prism is the ideal solution for victims of dictatorships and/or war torn regions.

My Plea to anyone who is involved with supporting refugees, and to Governments spending billions each year on refugees

They must call Cardano Foundation and IOG to get their assistance in presenting a package for the implementation of Atala Prism to governments that have a tendency to civil unrest, better still, to most developing countries as part of foreign aid packages.

The benefit (value proposition) for these governments is that their citizens have clarified and authenticated identity which would vastly increase administrative efficiencies across all sectors of Government.

The benefit for refugee agencies and governments funding refugees is that the refugees will have authenticated identities and educational/professional credentials that can be readily accessed via Atala Prism. This will save them both time and money while providing greatly accelerated resettlement services as well as providing improved security information regarding the true identities of the refugees.

Atala Prism should be promoted by Developed Countries as one of the key cornerstones of Developing Countries Foreign Aid packages. It is a true win-win-win for refugees, the Agencies and the Governments

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