Potential ADA price impact of Charles Hoskinson’s announcements on Feb 12, 2021 will be unavoidably considerable - updated Feb 20

In his recent Cardano developments video update Feb 12, 2021, Charles H. in his affable style reeled off a string of hugely significant announcements that will have as profound a global an impact as when Apple first announced the iPhone. It got my analytical mind racing on how much rocket fuel it will have on the ADA price this year. This will put it into an altogether very different path, much higher than would have been projected.
Update Feb. 20, 2021: ADA = 1.00+ means more likely $10 by December, 2021

I decided to look at this from how much the Cardano financial ecosystem will become the most dominant infrastructure in the industry and hence the inevitable demand for ADA to consume on the infrastructure. Here are some of my thoughts:

Bitcoin – Cardano genesis is from Bitcoin but by extending its best features, Cardano is at least 100X more secure than Bitcoin. While it may not be a match for Bitcoin as a store of value, ADA could become by default like the US Dollar as a safe haven of value for the new Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Global Economy because it is supported by real world economic productivity implementations just like the US economy has been the justification for the US dollar being the strongest currency….despite the current Covid-19 crisis.

This will mean:
a) Retail and Corporate investors e.g. RetirementFunds, HedgeFunds, Banking & Financial institutions will hold ADA as a preferred safe haven believing it to be more secure than the existing artificially created stable coins such as Tether (USDT), DAI, USD, HUSD, etc. ADA will be a stable coin because its value will be sustained by real world economic demand for ADA to pay for use of Cardano ecosystem infrastructures . This will be the long-term sustainability of the safe haven characteristic of ADA just as the US dollar has enjoyed since WWII.

b) Countries will hold ADA as a safe haven cryptocurrency because they are assured that its value will continue to grow demonstrably using systematic and measurable economic metrics. These metrics include: the increasing numbers of companies and countries deploying Cardano infrastructure to generate quantifiable new economic activity and therefore increasing demand for ADA to pay for the use of the Cardano infrastructure.

Interestingly, while the growth of ADA as the default stable coin and cryptocurrency safe haven, it will not necessarily impact the fiat currency world where the US dollar, Euro, and other national currencies will continue to remain strong by legislative mandate. This is analogous to Gold and Silver as safe havens with even some limited transactions while not impacting national currencies.

Ethereum – Cardano’s offerings based on a vastly superior and scientifically peer reviewed technology including: Goguen (Plutus, Marlow smart contract Multi-Asset issuance), combined with KEVM to enable all Ethereum developers to migrate to Cardano, the Devnet (IELE) for all other programmers from the rest of the world’s 21million+ developer communities with their existing programming languages. Then there is the support for off-chain and on-chain to enable other Blockchains to use the superior Cardano infrastructure to secure their existing blockchains while they continue to develop them without the need for a full porting into the Cardano infrastructure. There are, also, other highly technical offerings that will support developers to enable on-ramping into Cardano ecosystem.

XRP – Cardano’s Atala Prism, Plutus and Basho will enable vastly more superior security environments with flexible scalability for Corporates and Governments engage in financial transactions including both permissioned and permissionless transactions. These transactions will require ADA to pay for the use of the Cardano infrastructure

POLKADOT - This project is a price direction proxy for Cardano until GOGUEN goes on mainnet in Q2. Polkadot which has been developed using Cardano’s Ouroboros Protocol, but has only a fraction of the functionality that the entire Cardano ecosystem will unleash to the world. So, if Polkadot price can skyrocket to over $30 in 6-months (From $2.70 to 37.65 1294.8% on Feb 20**) than, clearly, Cardano ****percentage price growth** (But not necessarily the value) should easily surpass that within 6-months post Goguen on mainnet.

Apple / Google Stores – Cardano’s new concept DApp store (named ‘Alpha Frontier Program’) with certified Blockchain DApps specifications and standards to mitigate against fake DApps, poor quality DApps, etc. This will give the Cardano platform the global Industry status that Apple and Google enjoy.

University Engineering Institute - specifically dedicated to development and teaching of Course Programs for Smart Contracts across all Smart Contract developer platforms, covering design standards, quality assurance, Certification Standards for Smart Contract Developers. This is a pioneering initiative. It follows the UNIX Foundation model that have enabled UNIX to dominate Internet and most Software development platforms globally.

Government deployment of Cardano ecosystem – This is the use of Cardano across the entire economy over time. A successful contract in Africa and the onboarding of millions into the Cardano ecosystem will become the benchmark for other developing and middle-income countries where 80% of the global population live. The implementations will, of course need to pay in ADA for use of the Cardano infrastructure, though a miniscule fraction in US dollar terms compared to similar implementations using existing non-blockchain solutions.

A system of perpetual funding rounds for developers on the Cardano ecosystem – The Cardano Catalyst funding rounds with funding amounts that are growing every 6-weekly cycle. The funding model is expected to reach 100million by end of 2021 and continue to grow in direct proportion to the rise in the price of ADA and the number of transactions on the Cardano blockchain.

Global Network of Artificial Intelligence – the move by SingularityNet, a leader in the development of the Internet of Artificial Intelligences using Meta APIs (API of APIs) to query the global pool of AI databases and information. This will make Cardano infrastructure a very attractive platform for all Industries that use AI as part of their products and services. To use this infrastructure will mean they need to use ADA to pay for the use of the Cardano infrastructure.

The Apple model for ubiquitous user experience on different devices – This is the development of a multi-asset Daedalus wallet for the Web Browser, Mobile phone, the Desktop, and the Tablet with seamless user experience when changing from one device to the other without the need to restart the Daedalus wallet, that is, real time updates on all platforms. This functionality will be a clear winner for Cardano, as it will be highly attractive for all the existing Cryptocurrency DApps that will see this as broadening their existing user base and substantially improving their user experiences. Many of these will most likely move onto the Cardano platform while maintaining their existing wallets. However, they will need ADA to pay for the costs of the underlying Cardano infrastructure.

The video of the announcements: https://youtu.be/lFs8mBrdtCY

Disclaimer: Charles H. has always warned about price predictions, a cautionary note here, and that this is educational information only not Investment advice (DYOR) .

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