The currency is integrated natively into Cardano’s settlement layer, making it an essential part of the platform; however, this is something that Cardano reportedly intends to supersede.

I’m fairly new to ADA and still learning. I definitely see the potential on many fronts, including trading. However, I read the subject comment and it concerned me from a trading perspective. Is this true? If so, how will it likely impact ADA price? Can this information be verified?

Thank you in advance.

Hi, what thread is that from? May be a pretty old one. Ada is the native currency of the Cardano ecosystem. As such it’s value will increase as the utility of the network increases. It’s as simple as that.

Thank you for the response. I actually saw that comment on this site . Keeping in mind that I do not know the credentials of the person who wrote it, I am thinking it had to come from somewhere? I’m hoping this forum is the right place to find definitive information on this topic. It would be very disappointing to learn that ADA would be superseded by something else in the future.

PS - This is the info on the website - Nomics, an API-first cryptoasset data company delivering market data to institutional crypto investors and exchanges.

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Hi, thanks for the link. I think the statement they made is inaccurate. It may stem from some statements from Charles about interoperability with other crypto coins or the ability for people to issue their own coins (ERC20 style) on the Cardano platform. Regardless of how any of that plays out, the fact remains utilization of the platform will increase the value of Ada.

I believe you are correct, Donny. Thanks again for your input.

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