Saying hello to the community

Greetings to all.

I’m looking forward to exchanging thoughts about Cardano ADA with others having the same interest.


Welcome to the forum!

Hello back to you :slight_smile: …Welcome to the forum!
From the time ive been here, thats all we talk about… so i can guarantee you wont be short-changed :wink:

Good day. I follow several tokens. There is no stock to buy to benefit from the blockchain so I follow tokens. After reviewing other tokens like XRP and XLM and their objectives we can see the tokens do not grow in value, mainly because they are used very little. Mostly as payment to access their blockchain. Since Mr. Hoskins will not comment on token valuation can anyone in this forum explain without hype and human greed driving their comments about what realistic price the token can look forward too. Before replying review XRP and XLM and note they are on a VERY similar path. Both were seen as currencies and neither is being used as such. ADA is also called a currency and it is also not being billed as such by Mr. Hoskins who has now stated cryptos volitility prevents tokens from being used as currency. It is my personal observation that if tokens are not a dynamic part of the valuation of the blockchain through use then we will see no significant price gains. Lets skip the discussion about the depressed market and spend tome on the mechanics that drive value.

Yes: nobody knows. Anyone who says they do is either fooling themselves or looking to fool others.

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You state my thoughts precisely. Until there is a way for them to be used in retail as currency they are nothing but ways to make others selling them rich. At least one can hold a share of stock, even if it decreases in value it’s tangible. Crypto’s have become worse than fiat currency.

You mean like this?

Is the crypto used or is it immediately converted into the currency or the nation.

It’s part of the Metaps payment system. Not sure but I would imagine the store has options on what they can do. Press release here: