Charles Hoskinson Confident In ADA Report

A report just released says Charles Hoskinson is confident ADA will become the top coin in the crypto space.Ballpark figure,what would that mean in terms of price of ADA?

pie in the sky numbers? … like if ADA can do an AMZN or AAPL like move in the next 10 to 20 years? … or reach that goal of becoming an underlying protocol for international finance exchange? truly becoming a currency/commodity used like BTC is for value storage?

$5 - $20.

at that point, one might well ask, what will a ‘US dollar’ be worth in 20 years, compared to today?

i think 10 - 20 years is far longer than the attention span of many here, and that’s why there will be many cycles and phases in this long trip towards the future.

Why do you think anyone else would have a better idea of that than you? The truth is, nobody has a clue. But if you just want to dream about lambos, be my guest. :smile:

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I dream every day! Nothing or no one can take that away! :grinning:

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I will have a lambo with or without this project.Dream of GMC,piece of junk

The attention span here mainly centres around uppity comments to new or criticizing posters,Fred being a notable exception

We are a band of brothers (and sisters) regardless if we are getting along on a particular day or not!


What report is this that quotes Charles Hoskinson like that? Can you give a link?

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