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Personally as he is the CEO of IOHK I believe he deserves to be addressed as Charles. Also, he is focused on long term goals as opposed to the day to day volatility of the market. In a recent video he admits he does check Coin Market Cap but there is not much he can do about the price accept to keep moving forward and delivering a great product.


Charles is extremely smart and understands the possible implications of how he words things. He probably does not want to come across as a market manipulator. He doesn’t want to end up like Elon Musk and having trouble with the SEC.

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Just to clarify, he said “It might take 11 years for us [the crypto industry] to recover back to where we were in 2017”. Might being the key word here. Charles doesn’t know what the price will do any more than anyone else, even TA experts are just making estimated guesses.


In one of the videos he said he can’t predict markets, which is true for most of us.

It might take us 10 years or maybe two months to surpass ATH. No one knows…


He generally spoke about the crypto market and not ADA. I would even say he meant this on the total crypto market cap level. So yes to have a 1 trillion USD market cap could easily take a decade (really depends on how fast & well crypto projects deliver their promise & how well and friendly regulation is proceeding globally).

You could still have ADA go to ATH, while the crypto marketcap doesn’t change significantly much.

Let´s give Charles some respect he stood out and said a rational forecast and didn’t feed the hype and blow the bubble like so many others. I just got even more comfortable with Cardano after his statement as he is in for the long game.


Actually Charles predicted the bubble and collapse in july 2017.


Everyone is different. You got more comfortable with Cardano l got a little nervous. Seen the latest headline? “Cardano Price Falls Off A Cliff” Hopefully not for ANOTHER extended period.

My friend don’t believe what they write, big picture, take a look, decide for yourself


BTC dumped again and dragged everything with it. I don’t think altcoins (like Cardano) will decouple from BTC anytime soon. Hopefully somewhere during 2020 when more and more exchanges will offer fiat pairs.


Banks like JP Morgan are issuing stark warnings against crypto, saying there are alternatives in the current financial system.

Truth is crypto has no alternatives. You know it, you actually feel it in your gut that it’s going to shape the whole financial world in the near future, but can’t quite explain it.

I believe Cardano will fundamentally change this space alone. It will be the first platform to move beyond gambling and crypto-anarchists into the mainstream.

It’s a movement, it’s an infrastructure, it’s money and it’s a financial system for the world.

Governments, people, corporations will build on it, shape it and use it to advance us into the next stage in the evolution of commerce, banking, education, digital identity and job markets.

The era of hub and spoke systems is near its end. It’s the era of uberization, flattening of markets and individual freedom through decentralized systems.

Indeed, what a great time to be alive!

This is not financial advice.

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If Charles mentioned ADA price he would he hammered the minute his “prediction” became untrue. I like how he focuses on the product & technology and stays away from price predictions. I especially enjoy his frequent updates.