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Hey @User1234

While I appreciate that @Andy_Hendrikx had to close your post Opinion as your message was worded inappropriately, I think some of your comments did deserve a response. So I have created this post to do so. If you do choose to respond then I would welcome your feedback, if you can do so with less anger to your tone.

  1. Firstly I appreciate you may be frustrated, especially if you have invested large quantities of money. I do hope when you did so you accepted that there would be risk, as there is for all investments. There was certainly an opportunity to research the timeframe for the Cardano project prior to investing, so you would have known that it was unlikely to gain any traction (and therefore provide returns) until it is complete.

  2. “If none of us invested in it, he and his team would have no money to fund their project, or whatever you call it.” - Unless you were one of the original Japanese investors, your purchase of ADA hasn’t contributed to IOHK’s funding. Any trading following that original sale was done with those initial investors, as IOHK have not traded any of their ADA. This can be confirmed using the blockchain.

  3. “At the end of the day, he’s useless, as all he does is cares about his Colorado ranch and travels around the world. Oh yeah, and also shows off different type of stuff on Twitter, you know - photos of hats, shoes, horses, holiday moments or ranch itself.” - It is important to remember that Charles is running a private business, that has interests in more than just delivering the Cardano project. If he travels, that has nothing really to do with anyone. If he shares that it is because he thinks people might be interested, especially if it was Cardano related. But ultimately he doesn’t owe anyone an explanation. When he talks about personal things on his AMAs (e.g. his ranch), it is often in response to a question someone has asked, so it isn’t really fair to put it on him. Regarding his Twitter account, well why the hell shouldn’t he use it for personal reasons. Everyone else on Twitter does. Should it all be business and nothing else?

  4. If you decide to sell then that is your choice. But can I suggest considering why you invested in the first place. If like many of us you believed the project had the potential to deliver value to others in the world and therefore by extension add value to ADA, then if you are prepared to commit for the full term of the project (and not expect value to be delivered earlier than planned) you may receive the gains you originally hoped for.

Good luck, live calm and always seek the truth before making decisions.




I see it this way…If you want to hold people accountable for price, which was the poster’s main gripe, they need to get involved in the US stock markets, where CEOs performance is directly tied to earnings and stock price for investors.

Finally, that post was clearly a troll post. Thank you for closing and warning the post @Andy_Hendrikx . Nobody has time for that.

This is cryptocurrency. Welcome to the crypto space. Thank you!

Hi @The_Cryptoviser

I think comparing a cryptocurrency (or any currency for that matter) with the stock market is maybe where people like @User1234 become confused. Language such as “invest” and the low entry barrier for trading crypto, means many conflate the two.

In reality of course there are different forces affecting the value attributed to each. It is not outside the realms of reality that upon the conclusion of the current Cardano project where the most scientifically sound and professionally built platform to date is made available, that the value of ADA stays the same.

We could certainly call @User1234 a troll and the way their message was delivered certainly supports that, as they didn’t appear to be putting forward legitimate arguments that could be debated. The problem however is that by slapping a troll label on the post and moving on, means that some of the points made that others may also think, aren’t actually addressed. Readers don’t get to see a counter argument that they can critically assess, to decide whether their own thinking might be flawed.

In a way the more trolls there are making noise unchallenged, the more likely that others will become trolls spreading the same message, even though they probably did plan to start out like that.



I appreciate your apology, thank you. Welcome back.


We all need to vent our frustrations from time to time. It’s always painful to watch prices plummet and makes one question their own sanity for putting money in such a cutting edge technology. Going forward I would suggest that you to start to learn as much as you can about the technology behind Cardano and blockchain in general. Knowledge is power, and having a sense of the potential underlying value of the product may give you more of a sense of peace as prices bob up and down. This will also help you make more informed buy and sell decisions going forward. Also don’t forget we are still in what I would call the very beginning of the “blockchain revolution”. As such it is a great time to get involved so that even if your investment in ADA doesn’t pan out the knowledge and relationships you gain could more than make up for it in the future by giving you access for other opportunities. It’s tough but I think it always pays to try to be a glass is half full type of person.


Fred is absolutely right. We’re not in it for the technology OR money, but both. We have faith in the financial future because we appreciate the significance of the tech.


I couldn’t agree more Rob.

Regarding the significance of the tech I also want to add that I believe the open source and decentralized future that blockchain in general and Cardano in particular will offer the world is a vital alternative to the dystopian state/big tech controlled possibility. I also firmly believe it will bring millions out of poverty. When you get upset when Charles rants about price it is important to remember what I think is the most important breakthrough that Bitcoin made aside from the technical achievement of solving the Byzantine Generals problem. The fact that Bitcoin harnesses human greed in the form of mining rewards to care about protecting the network and incentivizes beneficial behavior is true genius and as one who is interested in behavioral economics one of the most fascinating aspects of the system. So I can tell you with certainty that Charles cares about the price because as the price goes up he will have more resources to accomplish the vision for a better future for mankind. His point is he is not preoccupied with the price. He is driven to create a product with utility and value as only this creates stable higher prices. I believe that at some point the “market” will recognize the value that the entire Cardano ecosystem is creating and when that happens it will be fun to watch. These thoughts are based on my own research and interpretations so I highly recommend everyone examines the various facts and circumstances and draws their own conclusions. I greatly appreciate people sharing the results of their own investigations as a check on my sanity.


Thanks for coming back to the conversation @User1234

While it is easy to lash out sometimes, it can also be tough when people lash back and are more inclined to just label you a troll. I admire your ability to reflect on your original post and listen to people who want to respond to you with kindness.

We have a great community here and it is amazing how real trolls don’t hang around long as they don’t get the reaction or descent they hope to create.


What lot of us, the humans, still need to learn, is not to blame others but ourself and accept the consequences of our actions.

Nobody, put a gun to your head to buy ADA and even, if it would be a scam and you were fooled for buying it, then it’s not their fault but yours, as you would not have thinking rationally (putting a big bag for some future highly risked promises, C’mon) but emotionally driven by greediness.

But, learning from our mistakes is hard, the easiest way is to blame others, the circumstances or anything else but us (ours superiority).