Charles Fireside chat video from dLab NYC meetup March 28


Two points I found interesting is the point in the last 5 minutes of the chat where Coinbase listing is mentioned. It appears there has been some discussion between IOHK and Coinbase but Charles is keeping details close to the vest. Apparently there are some programming issues. (My Take) and he expressed he’s hopeful something will happens before the end of the year. Additional Exchanges are expected to come on line before then. So we will see.

The second of the two points is located 47 to 50 minutes into the conversation. Apparently ADA is not sedigned as a token to be used in retail as are some other tokens. I believe Charles mentioned a few stable coins. I have always wondered why a second stable coin couldn’t be created to work in harmony with ADA on the Cardano blockchain. I’m not a coding guy or a programmer so I’m not sophisticated enough to understand the complexities. BUT, now I am aware that ADA wont achieve the values I had hoped. It will become like XLM and XRP. Low valuation tokens with a great block chain. At least that is my opinion. IF some one with true technical knowledge can tell me why I’m wrong please do.

I may shift all my holdings to BAT where a token is used and absolutely necessary for the system to operate. IF ADA isn’t in use it can have no value. Remember we are told it’s not a security. So what is it? That means it’s a utility token. So what is it’s value. 3.7% annual payouts divided among stakeholders. After this video I am even doubtful ADA will ever see $3.00 valuations. I am serious. I have a boat load of ADA.

Ethereum is pretty “valuable” and Cardano aims to be a better version of that. If you are in this game for investment purposes only you may want to diversify your portfolio though. I’m not a financial advisor obviously. I’m also a Cardano maximumalist.