Lets SLOW down on overhype and let downs..and ZOOM out!

After hearing/reading mixed emotions on the IOHK summit,its sounds like it was a let down for the investors that showed up with all their “moon gear” on.Folks,the crux of Cardano is not resting on the outcome of a 2 day summit, that apparently was going to “fulfill” all these promises that were owed. .:man_facepalming:Lets all ZOOM out,take a look,and get a bigger picture here.

For all of those that primarily focused on price action,we all need to be real keen on MARKET CYCLES.Tip:Zoom your charts OUT…and for the sake of the post,at least LOOK at a chart.Anyone who is active and successful in the alt trading game, has a VERY close eye on king BTC.Lets open our minds and think on previous bull/bear market cycles…(Gold/Stocks/Bonds/Crypto) Doesn’t matter…Cycles and market timing are always a factor.

Points to consider.
Cardano went over $1 just coat-tailing BTC in the 2017 run.Disagree?,What role in project development did Cardano offer during the run to warrant the price action? Was a $1.29 REALLY its true valuation?

Had all these wonderful things that some are impatiently waiting for in Shelly and staking,Had they been released in 2018’s bear market,you honestly think Cardano would have ran its own independent bull cycle with the Shelly release,or continue to follow the entire crypto bear trend?
I could have only imagined the look on the emotional “tip toe” in/out investors faces during the bear maul last NOV/DEC. Shelly being released in a bear market only to see it plummet,Would have been a real confidence/psychological shaker for ANY investor.

The good news…
I do believe the bull market is starting to rear its horns.The bottom looks like it was ear-marked DEC 15th,2018.With the next BTC halving on the horizon,MA’s ebb and flowing to the side of bullish,Its showing life.There WILL be bumps along the way.

Cardano’s price movement has been incredible!..I just read a post here that said ADA’s price was “performing so badly”…What chart are you looking at?
Here’s the facts…We jump from the low 800 SAT range to 1800+ SATS ADA/BTC…Crazy moves in the traction it has gained OVER BTC.

Cardano on this last little run sat 20+ days pegged in OVERBOUGHT conditions…OF Course the pullback your seeing was bound to happen.We all want healthy growth…Not parabolic swings up and down.

ADA’s bottom of .028 to touching .10…If we scale that movement to BTC…It would be like BTC running over 11k from its bottom % wise.

Cardano is alive and well.Its recent movement has been incredible.Everyone looks at the percent ADA is down from its ATH…Well dont.Afterall its ATH wasn’t even a TRUE valuation of Cardano.Its REAL valuation is still unknown.We know it can hit over $1 with no working product…The future price looks bright when they DO have a well put together working product when the swing to the up occurs.

Slow down…Take a breath,and zoom OUT.The worst is over with last years bear maul…Accumulate on dips,and stay patient.The ride up is just starting.

P.S. I have a feeling shelly/staking will be released at the “perfect” time in the next market cycle…what a coincidence…:thinking:



Technology yeah…but all I need to know is "wen moon??:man_facepalming:


Just ran across this article:


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Very well thought and said. I am 100% with you in your analysis.

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Good article and well said. Let’s chuckle along together at all of the people who are panicking / complaining about the price in the short-term and those who are selling - let’s all remember that this is a long term project!

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Well…Call it a coincidence… :wink: