Australia Monetary Crisis

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It seems that Australia has had some troubles with extreme market manipulation, overleveraged loans that if not paid can cause the bank and in turn the nation to experience troubles.

Currently XEM has deployed in a few small towns do their product is limited since it can not use smart contracts.

Cardano can easily take their market share and expand within the nation in order to provide more stable markets and banking services which would benefit the country and bring further adoption of ADA.

Australia has been having issues for years before the pandemic.

The banks seem to be very irresponsible. A lot of liquidation must be taking place right now. It is a horrific and unacceptable situation that Cardano can easily remedy.

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We should form an Australian Special Interest Group . .

I’m in Oz and interested in being in a group.


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@Koala thought you might be interested ^^

Banks will be the crypto mass adoption …I don’t like it…but I think it will be like this.

A Telegram Group? - send me a PM with phone # and I will create “Cardano_Oz”.

Hi Mr. Rhoades,

New to this space. Just like to know if the ‘Cardano_Oz’ telegram had been created.


I’m also in Australia and interested to see where this discussion will go :slight_smile:

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hey Jules,

I’ve just created a telegram group under ‘cardano_oz’

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Thx just joined

Good work! I will join too . . I joined but can’t post yet . .


“cardano_oz” appears to have been created as a channel instead of a group? - I can’t post to it so I have created a new group:


  • let me know if you can join that and post to it satisfactorily . .