Bans on cryptos!!


What are people’s thoughts on all this talk of bans on cryptos?

Do we think this is a possibility? If so where does cardano stand?


My homeland (France) is a socialist over-administered country and they will do whatever it takes to either completely ban or tax as much capital gains of crypto-origin as they can, and the government loves to tax those who take all the risks, in order to feed their crazy useless expenses (yes I am bitter).
I would be more focused on what Germany, the true leader in Europe, thinks on the matter.
Luckily for the crypto-community -and I didn’t think I could say that one day -, France has less and less influence in Europe.

But if their fear is the illicit transactions, I hope that the below research has some valid grounds and is true.

The fact that Canada just started using the Ethereum blockchain can also be a very good thing for Cardano’s future and the crypto-community as a whole.

All of this is the job of the Cardano Foundation, which is to deal with governments and big businesses in order to ensure a smooth adoption on the highest levels, so I’m not too worried.


I think this article is exaggerated. Germany and France want to work together to find standardregulations for the whole European Union. The treasury secretaries want to present first concrete suggestions at G20 summit in Argentina.

(german article) Source:


That publication (Express) is not at all reliable. They have previously repeated crypto FUD that had already been officially refuted and they are well known in the UK for regularly publishing weather scare stories and conspiracy theories regarding the death of Princess Diana.