Crypto ban in Germany? (Mostly Fake News)

Interesting article. Unclear if they don’t like all crypto or just POW coins because of energy usage.

Good luck with that Germany

You don’t really have to take that seriously. This criticism is not really formulated concretely and also shows that the responsible politicians have understood little to nothing about the technology behind Bitcoin. DIE LINKE is a small party on the far left.
In their election program, it’s just this: "We want to ban crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, which consume large amounts of electricity during their “mining”.


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+1 and in my opinion such attention-grabbing headline article should not be shared. German politicans are not considering a ban on Bitcoin or crypto.

The party “die Linke” mentioned in the article has absolutely zero to say in Germany. It’s somewhat similar to the headline “ADAtainment is considering banning FIAT in Germany”.


Such a promising Roadmap for DIE LINKE… :wink:

Thanks for the information on the fringe nature of the party in question. I updated the thread title. In hindsight the article is click bait in nature but I do like to keep tabs even on the extremes. Sometimes today’s ridiculous idea is tomorrow’s law.