Central banks recommended to ban stable coins


Do you think this will lead to a price dip?

Hard to say. Don’t know if this means they are advocating an outright ban or a call for a more well regulated stable coin. My opinion for the long term is the genie is already out of the bottle.

I’m trying to stay positive and thinking along the lines of at least regulation, even if it’s strict, means adoption and acceptance by the “big boys” and hopefully that’s a good thing in the long run - even if it sounds concerning in the short term.

I would be seriously interested to hear Charles’ views on what he thinks this means to Crypto-Currency in general as well as specifically Cardano’s/ADA’s future, don’t know if anybody could try and nudge that question towards him for his next AMA but would be much appreciated.

Having said that I wouldn’t mind one more price dip because I’m building up some savings to buy more over the next couple of months, I missed out on the £0.016 or $0.016 a few weeks ago, can’t remember if that was dollars or pounds but either would have been nice.

He has spoke to that point in the past if I recall correctly about the possibility of Banning crypto in general. He thinks it’s impossible at this point. People will just continue to do it regardless of what the government says.