Well that didn’t last long…

I feel ADA will reset it’s ratio against BTC this year. It will “decouple” a little but settle back in just at a slightly higher level. BTC will drag it around for some time.

I think btc market is “owned” by a powerful sovereign.

If they have a significant supply of bitcoin, they effectively set the price.

Btc has been around long enough to let state actors accumulate huge amounts of it. Either through seizures of through early mining. It’s just not a safe system as many will have you believe.

Cardano is unlikely to have that problem.

I think it’s going to be a while before it decouples if Russia buys the planned $10 billion in btc .

Coupling will not be so bad if BTC goes to $30K :wink:

Russia will not buy BTC, we have no legal framework for crypto. The news was a fake 100%

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