Bastyon - decentralized platform

Hi friends Ada/cardano. I have an idea of the further visibility of the cardano project. I have already registered an account. And I added one post for illustration.

And I can do mirroring and informing. It is a decentralized platform and it is not easy to cancel it like twitter, facebook, etc. I don’t know how it works for you with proposals. If you like it, write to me.

Pocketnet is decentralized, twitter centralized - registration and login by private key(12 word seed), twitter by email – resistant to censorship, twitter can block account at any time without explanation, maybe because talking about crypto – account reputation by 1-5 star rating + likes and dislikes on comments – as posts and comments are rated owner gets rewards as pocketnet coin – features like #hashtags, follow/w out notifications, search, search by #hashtag, global chat, see all posts, see posts from who you follow, see top posts… watch this:

As new user on the forum, I have to post it here, because it doesn’t allow me to add more links

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