Beginner Friendly Cardano Blockchain MeetUp Dec 7th

December 7, 2022
Attendees: 6
Visitors were primarily from the pacific time zone and one joining from Australia. We opened the group with brief welcome and introduction message followed by a brief look at recent events and announcements from the Summit and ScotFest.
Our guest from Australia recently joined a project team building on another network but became interested in Cardano. Their interest guided much of the conversation, covering some overviews of what sets Cardano’s proof of stake apart from others, smart contracts, developer tools that exist in the ecosystem. Several of the other participants had some familiarity with the Cardano community so they contributed their insight and experiences along the way.
There was a generous sharing of resources that exist in the ecosystem along with the knowledge sharing.
Many folks exchanged LinkedIn profile contact to stay in touch and network.
Meetup ended after about 2hr 15mins.

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