Beginner's Question On Fixed Fees

Are the fixed fees that are listed for a given pool the fees that an individual delegator pays during each Epoch, or do the listed fixed fees represent a total amount of ADA that is taken out of the entire pool, spread across all of the delegators?

Spread across all the delegates.

@Zaytion Thank you. Do you know if the way the fees are spread is weighted by delegated amount, or are they spread evenly across the number of people delegating?

(Eg. if there are N users in a staking pool and user A is delegating half of the ADA in the pool, is user A charged [Total Fixed Fee / N] or [Total Fixed Fee / 2] ?

Fees are not taken from individuals, they are taken from the reward pot prior to being shared between delegates. You will not lose any ada


The ADA from the fees is just added to the total rewards for the epoch. Then it is split up using the normal rules. So it is no different than the rewards from the reserves.