ROA explanation

Here’s a hypothetical.

I’m in a pool with the 1% charge. I’d say I have 50,000 ADA.

That means they take 500 ADA over the course of the year -The 1% ballpark.

There’s something else there that says 340.

Is this a simple flat feed to take 340 ADA?

Thanks everybody

Hey @shawn

If a pool charges 1% fee, that would mean that the pool owner gets 1% of the rewards you get. Means if you get 500 ada per year, he would get 5 ada of that.

The fixed fee of 340 ada is per epoch, but those has to be paid by every delegator together and not only by each delegator. If you want to read more about those fees you will find more infos here :


Thx. That means the 340 is nothing.

I forget the rest of the stuff got split proportionately based on what percentage of the pool I had.

Thank you

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I see that only 34% of the new blocks are being done by stake pools. When it hits 50%, if nothing changes (last weeks share of production remains the same among the will I be getting for rewears as the pools are producing more? Thx.

Does my above question make sense