Belated recap for October 15 NYC meetup with Cardano Foundation Chairperson Nathan Kaiser

Hello, all.

In October the NYC Meetup group was fortunate to have Nathan Kaiser in for a discussion regarding the role of the Cardano Foundation in the future of the Cardano ecosystem.

Nathan stated the basic role of the Foundation was to initiate community engagement on a number of different levels and the Foundation is taking concrete steps to do that.

As part of that effort the Foundation is adding members to the Foundation staff and expanding the Ambassador program. The Foundation is looking for project managers and IT professionals to help with Shelley integration into the various exchanges.They are also expanding their community management team.

For anyone looking to join the Foundation their current open positions can be found here:

Nathan stated that as Cardano transitions past Shelly into the Goguen (smart contract) era, new categories of Ambassadors will be needed. At the moment the Ambassador roles consist of Moderators, Meetup Organizers, and Translators. New categories of Enterprise Ambassadors and Professional Ambassadors will be added. Enterprise Ambassadors are people who own small and midsize companies in the blockchain space. These people can help drive development and adoption in the business community and also become solution providers in the Cardano ecosystem. Professional Ambassadors are people in various professional fields such as accountants, lawyers, user Interface experts, ethicists, philosophers and economists. These people will be needed to help highlight problems that can be solved with Cardano and guide the implementation. He stated having a diverse group of ambassadors will be very important going forward. He stated that having Ambassadors of all ages including the elderly was very important as we need to engage people who are not necessarily tech savvy.

The Foundation is also engaging with Messari, who provide Blockchain analytics to maintain transparency. Their website here:

Writing this now 60 days after the event it has been very interesting for me to see how far the Foundation has come in that short time. It was a very enjoyable evening and I am greatly looking forward to see what 2020 brings.

We will probably be having our next NYC meetup in January.

A link to the meetup page with photos from the event can be found here:


Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to your next meetup :grin:

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