Best country for starting crypto token company

Am eagerly awaiting the Goguen release like many others!

Currently I’m looking to find out if anyone has much knowledge on advantages / disadvantages of founding crypto companies in different countries.

I’m based in the UK but the United States, Switzerland, Estonia, Cayman Islands and Bermuda all come up online as recommended options. amongst some others.

If anyone has anything to share on this (regulation / investment environment / general experience or knowledge) or can introduce me to someone who does it would be greatly appreciated!


you can take a look at this thread, there is a link to the irs (US) faq on crypto… look into Wyoming, they are the state with a crypto friendly government.

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Hey Anthony, that’s great, I’ve seen a bit of whats happening via Caitlin Long talking about Wyoming legislation with Avanti. It’s definitely a top contender, feel it will be easiest in either UK or US at the moment.

Are you internal to Cardano? The Cardano foundation I think I saw is based in Switzerland, but not sure if that is still ideal situation for them or not?

Any info on reasons not to use a country would also be great as well so i can double down on the best contenders :ok_hand: