Best editor and best IDE for Haskell

After 14 years, I decided to move from the Imperative languages to Haskell. Being learning Haskell using GHCI in Powershell editor. I don’t like it. I found Atom editor to be better but I’m new to this? What is the best Haskell editor for developing production quality application? Also what is the best IDE for developing Haskell production application?


vi, emacs are good. Haskell for Mac if you are more into GUI-ish ides, though it’s not free.


i am learning on visual studio code with cobalt theme and haskell syntax highlighting extensions. I also use mac but if windows user, cygwin64 is the goto terminal.

Thanks, I will consider them. I’m more and editor guy. Trying to stay away from GUIs.

Thanks for the info. I’m a windows guy. I love mac but I don’t like being overcharged for less. I’ll look at cygwin64.

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sublimetext is excellent, however i am not a haskell programmer, looks like there are a few haskell plugins

ATOM ! I really liked it

I think I like ATOM the best but it doesn’t seem like it’s compatible with ghcid. Is it?

Use Linux. It’s free and has better developer tools.

hi… I created a post in my blog in case you want to understand how to install Haskell on ATOM. Please check the link below.

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