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Hi! I’m in love with this project, how can i as a CS student who likes Haskell help or get closer to the project?


Hi @io_jeremy, do you think IOHK would be interested in proof engineers in the long run? I am a PhD student doing PL research (Type Theory and Parallelism) and I got quite fond of proving stuff in Coq and Idris.

Either way, it is nice to work as a Haskell developer (been working part-time since July doing Haskell and Elm). Those are really cool positions. :clap:


If you ever need a biogeochemist…


…or domain investor. I’m your man.


Just waiting for “Seasoned Coffemaker” to pop up. I’ll then hand over my resume!


Whenever you need a Goat Farmer, let me know.
Experienced and ready.


We will put an ad out for an open-source strategist. I don’t have anyone to manage things right now. The code is on the github.

On the good news side, I have several reports from people that the instructions for getting a node up and running are good and the API docs are up to date.


This sounds pretty awesome. You should probably check out plutus in the github and send them a bunch of hard questions to answer. You can also submit a CV to us.


For what its worth, I submitted an application quite some time ago for project manager and never heard back beyond the initial “application received” email :man_shrugging:


Hi @io_jeremy !

I’m an experienced Haskell dev with 10 years of Haskell experience, 5 of it working in Haskell professionally and I also have a long standing interest in crypto currencies. To see those two interests converge like this is very interesting. Seeing that Duncan Coutts (who I have met at numerous conferences over the years) is on the team is just icing on the cake.

We should talk What is the next step?



FYI I usually only do the final interview before hiring. They don’t actually let me pick people.:slight_smile: Just send it in is all I can say. Thanks


Thanks @io_jeremy . Looks like I need to polish up my CV and apply.


@cyberglot, it is very nice to have you around. Great scientist!!!


Is the plutus repository?


We have been pushing for them to finish the website. Tweet Phil and give him a hard time about it :slight_smile: I will ask on Monday

Plutus (and Simon) updates