Best places to offer design services for Cardano related projects?

Hi guys! I’m Nicolas I just joined the group! I am a UX/UI designer with 10 years of experience. At the start of the year, I left my “office” job and decided to focus only on web3 and blockchain-related projects. I have been working on some ERGO projects and now I want to expand a bit and see if there is any Cardano-related project that may need an experienced designer to help with their project!

I believe that blockchain IS the future but right now it is at a really development-focused stage and it won’t be massively adopted until we start shifting the focus back to the user. That’s why I’m trying to bring a user-centric approach to web3.

I was wondering if anyone could let me know what are the best forums, discord, Facebook groups, websites, etc to offer my services inside the Cardano community!

And if anyone wants to check my work or ar just curious: