Designer wants to create educational content

Hey guys,

I’m a graphic designer that is involved in cardano since quite a few years and I made some very minor contributions back in the day.


Now that Cardano made it’s way to decentralisation, developers came to some final conclusions and the ball starts rolling faster and faster I would love to create infographics and educational content about this network to help educate the public and the users about some general and specific features.

I would love to know from you guys what you think the most interesting topics would be to have as a poster (or an instagram post) for example.

I would love to see a visual where the separate functionalities and goals of cardano are shown with some examples (smart contracts, Africa, identity, voting, community funds, no central entity etc). It is hard to explain to people what a 3rth generation blockchain like cardano can do. And a poster that is structured in sections with some examples would be very handy for me to explain cardano to friends :joy:

Thats broad.

Something more specific would help me a bit more :slight_smile: I was thinking maybe the difference between UTXO and Account Model?