Big thanks to Alexd1985 for the guide and two questions

Spent hrs trying to get my NODE and POOL up, thanks to Alexd1985’s guide it finally clicked. I could not though get the wallets to work (tried everything, couldn’t get bech32 to cooperate) so had to create wallets from CNODE, no biggy. I did learn quite a bit, starting from basically zero.

My ?s, everything looks like its working, I can find myself on Eternl wallet,, etc but no TX traffic, is that normal for a new NODE/CORE?

Also, I have 20/20 peers connected to relay, Served is steadily ticking up, half RTT in the red, is this a bad thing for my production NODE (IE taking need resources from it?).


Because of RAM consumption the TraceMempool by default is set to false (inside configuration file)

If u have enough RAM (~12G) then set TraceMempool to true and restart the node


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Regarding the bech32 issue you can try these steps

PS: just follow the steps but replace the version 1.27.0 with 1.35.4 (first check if u have bech32 and cardano-address inside cabal folder and also u can try with

and don’t forget to install chrony on all nodes (search for chrony section)