#!/bin/bash troubles

Hey there :wave: im trying to run my cnode as a service and im having troubles with the startup procedure, all is according to a guide from coincashew and i’ve done it before on my two other relays, this time something different im getting bin/bash no such file or dir failure, how can i fix this ?

Thanks :wink:

what is the script the service tries to execute? can you copy the content here?

/usr/local/bin/cardano-node run --topology ${TOPOLOGY} --database-path ${DB_PATH} --socket-path ${SOCKET_PATH} --host-addr ${HOSTADDR} --port ${PORT} --config ${CONFIG}

what happens when you just remove the first line? (the shebang)

hmm lemme try

nothing much, the same thing.

I think there’s something wrong with privileges, i tried allowing everyone to access /bin folder *bash included still nothing.

so how you get this error? when checking service status? or journalctl?

i get it from journalctl

I have to inform before this error the default installation for cnode was in /root/ folder, i’ve read it’s a bad idea to run cnode as /root/ so i’ve decided to migrate it to my /home dir ,which all went well right before bin/bash decided to not work.

i’ll try to mess around with cnode.service, maybe that’ll help.

something’s fkced , I don’t know what else to do.

yes, and how the cnode.service file looks like?